Track Record

Impact Vision's other noteworthy achievements include:


  • Bolachi Kadhi. A 13 part serial shown on DD, Mumbai in 1997, it still attracts other channels and viewers on the repeat telecasts.
  • Two Docudramas on the lives of Savitribai Phule and Saane Guruji telecast o on DD in 2005
  • Poochne Bhi Do Yaron on Hungama TV
  • Mission Kitchen, a program on Science as seen from the kitchen for ISRO, expected to air on DD National, depending on ISRO/ DD agreement.


When ISRO was looking for a Consultant to advise them about starting A Science Channel, they chose Impact Vision. The final project report covering 1 year of Pilot Project and 5 years of functioning has been very well received as can be seen by the testimonial attached.

AWARENESS Creation films

  • Awareness campaigns on behalf of Prudential ICICI for Breast Cancer (featuring Diana Hayden).
  • On Digital Hearing Aids for WIDEX of Denmark
  • Short film for MAI featuring Sukanya Kulkarni, which led to India winning the bid for hosting the 2006 R2R Conference in Mumbai.
  • BEM films dealing with Health and related issues for Diamond and Jewellery Industry for Rio Tinto Diamonds, South Africa.


UNDP and Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Govt. of India, decided that traditional Indian Bee Keepers, generally tribals inhabiting inaccessible parts of India, needed to be taught modern methods of Bee Keeping, they gave the creative part of the assignment to IMPACT VISION. The end result was 4 films shot exhaustively over 6 months in the interiors of India on Bee Keeping and its different facets:

  • Bee Keeping and Bee Pollination
  • Honey Processing and Quality Control
  • Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis and Bee Venom
  • Queen Rearing

All four films, shot with special lenses have some rare footage such as the birth of a Queen Bee, and have been highly acclaimed where ever shown.


A Government of India organisation, it wanted to make a film on ‘Coconut in non-traditional areas’. Accordingly a film on this subject was made with extensive shooting in West Bengal, Assam, Tripua, Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. The final result anchored by Anant Mahadevan was highly appreciated.

Subsequently, Coconut Development Board wanted 5 films to be made on different attributes of Coconut:


All these films were shot extensively in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Anchored by Girsh Karnad, these films were widely appreciated in India and abroad.


WIPL, the Indian arm of the world leaders in Digital Hearing Aid technology, WIDEX of Denmark, wanted to address the area of ignorance about Hearing impairment. An anchor based format was combined with the story format to make a 17 minute film ‘Kuch Suna Aapne', complete with songs and special effects. The audience reaction, including international audiences, has been extremely gratifying and many language versions are being contemplated. (Punjabi version has recently been completed).


MARICO INDUSTRIES LIMITED A leading FMCG company, MARICO Industries Ltd. wanted to promote the cultivation of Safflower (from which their Saffola edible oil is made), by farmers in the targeted belt in India . It was decided to make a story-format film and accordingly, IMPACT VISION made ‘ Kusum Ki Kahani' for MARICO. A 19 minute film with songs, 2D graphics and requiring extensive shooting in 3 Indian states over 4 months, it got a phenomenol response from the target audience, leading to a quantum jump in Safflower Cultivation in India.

‘Kusum Ki Kahani’ was dubbed in many languages and followed by many other related creative assignments: a 5 minute song, an Anchor based FAQ film and appropriate versions of the original film.

Between 1994, when ‘Kusum ki Kahani’ was made and 2004 when the films on various facets of the Bee Keeping industry were made, IMPACT VISION has executed many creative assignments. It is important to note that in practically every case, the client has returned with repeat assignments. Such trust is truly cherished.

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